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Amazing Rooftops 1. Activity Book - Ed Oxford

Amazing Rooftops 1. Activity Book - Ed Oxford - 9780194167147

In the new and improved edition of best-selling course Oxford Rooftops, Primary learners gain the essential skills they need to succeed with a motivating mix of project work, digital content, and life skills.

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Key Features

  • Encourage every child to shine at their own level with a range of collaborative projects and mixed ability activities.
  • Inspire a love of reading with Rooftops Book Club.
  • Introduce key independent learning strategies, developing 21st century skills.
  • Create an immersive classroom experience with a mix of heads-up and heads-down learning, motivating digital content, and comprehensive mixed-media assessment.
  • Levels 3-6 includes a digital iProgress check every two units to assess vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and grammar. Speaking is also assessed with the innovative Speak and Record function.